Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

The Association for Tertiary Education Management Inc (ATEM Inc) is the pre-eminent professional body in Australasia for tertiary education administrators and managers.  Established in 1976 as the Australian Institute of Tertiary Education Administrators (AITEA), our Association has grown to around 1,700 individuals and 76 corporate members. Our members are found across the breadth of the academic environment, including Universities, TAFEs, Polytechnics and Wanangas, private providers, government departments and other related organisations.

We operate as a learning community and our members are our strength. Members are committed to their careers in tertiary education and to the development of their profession.  Together we work to advance the professionalism of tertiary education administration and management in order to support and develop excellence in professional practice and institutional management.

What is unique about ATEM?

ATEM is the only professional association for administrators and managers working in tertiary education in Australasia. It is dedicated to advancing professional practice. The Association provides our members with an edge in their professional activities and gives them a voice in their areas of expertise in the wider tertiary environment.

ATEM believes that tertiary administrators and managers are people who make a vital contribution to the central aims of their institutions, and who do this by excelling in their work. ATEM promotes and believes in the worth and value of the profession of tertiary administration and managment.
ATEM provides members with a professional framework within which their work can take place, supported by a Code of Conduct and ATEM Capabilities.
Source: ATEM

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